Our mission

Bringing dermatology expertise at home to solve acne with Dermatologists.

Realising the potential of LED therapy on different skin conditions and how it could be life changing for many people, 2011 saw the launch of a blue light LED device name LUSTRE® Pro to treat acne. With 80% of us being affected by acne at some point in our life, and solutions/treatments that either do not work or have side effects, it became obvious LED therapy could be the ideal solution for many of us to try and regain control of our skin in a natural way.

Based on blue light therapy at a wavelength of 415nm the initial LUSTRE® Pro consisted of 3 pods with a remote control and offered a very targeted treatment for mild to moderate acne. Studies and Research proved this treatment was very effective and with very little to no side effects. As a result, many GPs and dermatologists in the UK , started to use light therapy successfully with their patients. They recommended it for use as an add on to treatment in clinics and soon also saw the potential to recommend the product for use by their patients in their own home to clear and prevent new breakouts. In 2013, LUSTRE® Pro received the gold award for Best product Innovation from Cosmetic News Awards.

Improving the product experience.

Knowing we had a ground-breaking clinically proven technology that works, we started to focus on improving the product experience. Based on your feedback, we quickly noticed convenience and time were 2 critical factors. We therefore set out to launch the 1st wireless LED device to treat acne on the market and to halve daily treatment time from 40 min to 20 min. And so in 2019, was born LUSTRE® ClearSkin Solo. Safe, Effective, Smart. Since then, this little miracle has gained popularity and has begun to be sold in the UK, the US, and Europe with consistently positive customer feedback.

It has won the ELLE Future of Beauty award in 2021.

Becoming Skin Transforming Light Experts.

Energise by this success, we set out to focus on offering high quality effective LED devices for home use based on delivering better consumer experience and helping to solve other skin conditions. As a result, this year we have launched 4 new products.

Two LED masks LUSTRE®ClearSkin RENEW and LUSTRE®ClearSkin REVIVE as well as a set of skincare products enhancing LED light therapy results, LUSTRELAB® Purifying Cleanser and Serum. Check them out here.

And wait….there is so much more to come! So stay tune and jump on this amazing journey with us! Find your light now.

Our values

We are early adopters of safe and effective technology backed up by science which aims to improve your lives and allow you to feel back in control of your skin and free to enjoy life as we all should be.

Our devices are based on the latest clinically proven LED light therapy and backed up by clinical study and research supporting not only their safety but their efficacy. Did you know Light therapy was originally developed to heal the skin tissues of astronauts to keep them healthy in space—but now light therapy has advanced to offer visible skin benefits to the rest of us!
Used in modern treatments all around the world, it’s a proven tool technology used to speed up cell regeneration leading to skin repair and radiance. Light therapy can be really powerful, and what’s really great about it, is different wavelengths offer different benefits as they penetrate your skin at different depths.

Ranging from skin rejuvenation, treating acne, stimulating collagen and elastin, minimising redness and wrinkles, rosacea, sun damage, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, sensitive and inflammatory conditions, to wound healing and even scarring. Take a pick! With few to no contraindications, it’s no wonder that’s where skincare is headed. Proven technology: safe, natural, painless, no side effects.


We have one simple but important aim: to positively transform people’s lives, helping you get back in control of your skin.

How are we doing that?

By ensuring our technologies deliver unrivalled skin transforming results with the highest satisfaction in the market. We design products that aim to solve problems other choose to ignore. We believe there is always a better way.

We stay true to our medical heritage. When it comes to skincare, we go deeper.

Your experience

Virtual consultation

We’re here to help you feel back in control of your skin. We appreciate sometimes it’s no easy task so we offer a free virtual consultation with an independent Health Care Practitioners so you can ask them all your skin related questions and see if light therapy is for you.

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HCPs partnerships

With beginnings at the University of St Andrews and the Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, UK in 2004, working with renowned medical practitioners is not only in our DNA but also a key priority so we can provide the best technology and advice to you.

See who they are and why they have decided to use and recommend LUSTRE® Clearskin to their patients.

LUSTRE® ClearSkin

Top independent
skin experts

Medical Director Temple Clinic, Aberdeen, UK
Dr Robson is the Medical Director of Temple Clinic in Aberdeen. She and Temple Clinic have won many awards over the years, most recently the 2020 Society Award for Fitness, Health and Wellbeing Award. Dr Robson is the main creator and CEO of Temple Vie Weight Loss and Lifestyle change programme. Temple Vie exemplifies her commitment to evidence-based medicine and she brings this same approach to managing skin conditions. She is actively involved in the research and development of new technology and concepts to provide safe and effective treatments to her patients.

Over the course of her 28 years of practice, first as a General Practitioner (GP), Dr Robson has become progressively aware of the need to integrate the physical, psychological and social aspects of patient care. This view has been reinforced by her qualifying in 2020 as a Lifestyle Medicine Physician, and lifestyle factors influence her view of many medical conditions. When considering problem skin, for example, the interactive effects of diet, exercise, stress, and social factors are at the forefront of her holistic approach.

“When Ambicare invited me to collaborate with them I was very pleased. I have had considerable personal experience of using their LUSTRE® Solo and Trio devices within my clinic with significant success. I very much believe that Light therapy can revolutionise problem skin treatments and an holistic approach should be the cornerstone of any management plan.”

MD - Board-Certified Laser, Medical and Cosmetic Dermatologist - Sand Francisco and Los Altos, CA, USA.
Dr. Kaveri Karhade, MD is a board-certified laser, medical, and cosmetic dermatologist in San Francisco, CA and Los Altos, CA. As a leading expert in the field and with nuanced experience in both New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area, her invaluable expertise is highly sought after by patients and colleagues alike. Her goal is to get everyone feeling and looking their very best! Dr. Karhade is an award-winning skin doctor and leading expert in treating all kinds of active acne including whiteheads/blackheads, red bumps, and hormonal acne, along with brown spots and all kinds of scars. Her approach is uniquely tailored to her clients' specific situations, however she believes that pairing treatments with a good daily skincare regimen is KEY for achieving best results.

“Blue light is an anti-acne technology that has been used by dermatologists worldwide for decades. As a dermatologist who recommends blue light regularly to her patients, I'm excited about LUSTRE® ClearSkin SOLO because it is a game-changing technology to bring effective and safe blue light treatment to acne patients in a more accessible way. Blue light has been shown to exhibit antimicrobial effect which can help to improve acne, however historically this treatment has required cumbersome visits to the doctor's office for a lengthy procedure. This revolutionary at-home device delivers blue light easily on the go with minimal to no side effects. It is a way to help decrease acne-causing bacteria without contributing to antibiotic resistance, while allowing a patient to live his or her best busy life. Physicians like myself are always looking for the best for their patients, and I can't wait to see many of my acne patients improve their skin with this product.”

Dr Rita Rakus Clinic, London, UK
Dr Galyna Selezneva is a qualified psychiatrist and award-winning cosmetic and aesthetic doctor at the Dr Rita Rakus Clinic in London. Renowned for her experience and expertise in non-surgical body sculpting and beauty and cosmetic treatments, Dr Galyna is one of the UK’s go-to experts of her field, frequently featured in Forbes, Tatler, The Times, The Telegraph, Grazia and Brides Magazine.

“As an aesthetic doctor, I am passionate about incorporating technology into my practice. I have not only been using the LUSTRE® Blue Light Technology myself but I have been recommending it to my patients with confidence. LUSTRE® stands out from the crowd in the world of phototherapy with its advanced technology that’s fundamentally based on clinical research and supported by a great body of case studies. Its hands-free design is proof that the technology was designed with the end user in mind.”

Vitalize Skin & Wellness Clinic, Kent, UK
Dr Johanna Ward is an award-winning cosmetic Doctor, GP, and Dermatologist. She is the resident skin doctor for Women’s Health Magazine and runs her own dermatology Clinic in Kent. She is a member of the British College of Aesthetics Medicine and the Royal College of General Practitioners, and is registered with the General Medical Council. Dr Ward has trained with some of the top dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the world, including Dr Zein Obagi and Mauricio de Maoi. During the 10+ years of her clinical practice, Dr Ward realised that the majority of people didnt know how to properly look after their skin, no matter how motivated they were. Dr Ward believes that skin health starts at the cellular level, so she has devoted her professional career to the science and study of skin health and aging and became a passionate advocate of good skin health.

“After I have done some clinic treatments, I often recommend that my patients continue with Blue Light at home. LUSTRE is a make of a Blue Light brand, which is really great. The devices deliver the Blue Light in a very easy and flexible treatment modality. They can be used hands-free at home so it's very easy to give yourself a targeted Blue Light Treatment for problem areas and continue some of the good work that we can do in the clinic as well."

Blemish Clinic, Edenfield, UK.
Jan Birch is the Managing Director at Blemish Clinic, Manchester. She is a widely acknowledged authority in the field of Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology and photodynamic therapy thanks to her more than 25 years’ experience in Nursing and Clinical Research. Jan has acquired training from around the world including South Africa, Europe, and the United States, where she had the opportunity to work with top level dermatology experts and contribute to ground breaking clinical papers on OMNILUX LED combination phototherapy for the treatment of acne, non-melanoma skin cancer, periorbital wrinkles – skin rejuvenation, psoriasis, wound healing and pain management. Her research and findings on the use of light therapy for a number of medical skin conditions and photo-rejuvenation have been published in both European and International Medical Journals.

"When Ambicare Health approached me to collaborate with them I was extremely pleased. We had previously worked together in the past. The home based Lustre light was able support our in-clinic patients acne treatment, and able to sustain their skin benefits and maintenance at home . My patients found it easy to use and this was supported by the ongoing success at managing their acne. I also use Lustre Light and have first -hand experience of its benefits." During the summer months working in a face mask continually, caused a flare-up of Maskne. Using Lustre Trio quickly enabled me to get my spots under control. It’s a fabulous, easy to use effective tool for acne treatment."

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