Freyja is 16 years old and has been using Lustre Pure Light Pro (LUSTRE's first generation blue light device) to treat her acne.
Read her very honest account of being a teenager with acne. 
When did you first get acne?
When I was 14 years old.
How did acne make you feel? Did it impact your confidence?
Acne made me feel ugly, cursed, disgusting. I lost all of my self confidence to the extent that I wouldn’t even leave the house to see my friends or family as I felt that they would just stare at all my spots thinking ‘she’s grim’.
Did acne have an impact on your social life? Did anyone comment on it?
Acne did have an impact on my social life, as even with the best spot coverage makeup on, my spots were still easily visible and so it’s not like I could even rely on makeup to make me feel better. This resulted in me refusing to leave the house to go out for meals, to have catch ups with my friends and even to see the ones I love. I couldn’t cope with even just a glance of someone looking at my face, if they did I would break down in tears. When my acne was at its worst I went to visit my dad as he lives in the Isle of Man, he has two step sons of whom both passed comments on my face when they first saw me. The eldest one (10yr old) looked at me and said: ‘ewww Freyja you’re well ugly, stay away from me’. The youngest one said: (7yr old) ‘Freyja why do you have chicken pox all over your face?’ As you can imagine this lead to me feeling completely worthless and distressed.
Did you try any other treatments pre LUSTRE? Did your family support you?
I have only used the light machine from pre Lustre and my mum and gran both put forward some money in order to help me buy the machine. I don’t know what I would have done without my mum and gran, they were the only people who stuck by me throughout the process, taking me to all the doctors appointments, searching the internet to find the best products for clear skin and most importantly supporting me, always being there when I needed a hug.
How did you first find out about LUSTRE?
My mum searched the internet for any other last option of which could make a difference to my skin as I had already tried all of the antibiotics, pills and face creams offered by the doctors but nothing seemed to work.
Was there any particular reviews or testimonials on the website that encouraged you to try LUSTRE?
Yes my mum and I read numerous reviews.
Was there anything you particularly liked/disliked about LUSTRE?
It was a different solution to clear skin of which didn’t involve having to put cream on my face, making it feel agitated and sore and it also didn’t involve messing about with my hormones, leading me to having mood swings and other side effects too.
How do you feel after using LUSTRE? Is your confidence any different?
Obviously any treatment takes time to start making a difference, but after a few months I definitely started to see and feel a change in my skin. After I have used the machine, my imperfection markings go down and spots become less visible. My confidence has increased massively, even after 3 months I was feeling much better about myself. I actually feel pretty again now! I don’t know what I would have done without the lustre light machine. Even though my skin is fairly clear at present, I am still using the machine every day for 40 mins (20mins x2 in different positions on my face) to ensure that the bacteria is still getting killed by the UV light. I can tell when I haven’t put the machine on for a few days, as my spots start to reappear again.
Did you find LUSTRE difficult to operate?
No in fact I thought it was going to be a lot harder to operate than it actually was. After reading the manual it becomes very clear how the buttons work and what to do with the light stickers.
Is LUSTRE value for money?
The price of the machine was a serious consideration initially. The commitment to the purchasing of the stickers is a monthly outlay as they can’t be reused due to the skins condition.
Would you recommend LUSTRE to other acne sufferers?
Yes most definitely as the UV light is killing off the bacteria at the base of the skin and if spots do form, no bacteria is present and they quickly go. Lustre leaves you feeling as though you are making a difference to your skin, rather than feeling the need to scrub viciously at your skin, spreading the bacteria, resulting in making your skin even worse. Also lastly I think it is important to mention that unlike most severe acne sufferers I have been left with very minimal scarring of which I attribute to the use of Lustre Light.
We would like to thank Freyja for sharing her story with us. It can be very hard for teenagers in particular to talk about acne and she has been absolutely amazing to do this.

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