With beginnings at the University of St Andrews and the Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, UK in 2004, working with renowned medical practitioners is not only in our DNA but also a key priority so we can provide the best technology and advice to you. 


Dr. Kaveri Karhade, MD - Board-certified Laser, medical and cosmetic dermatologist - San Francisco and Los Altos, CA, USA.

Dr. Kaveri Karhade, MD is a board-certified laser, medical, and cosmetic dermatologist in San Francisco, CA and Los Altos, CA. After completing medical school at the University of Michigan, she attended NYU for medical internship and Brown University for dermatology residency. Her extensive medical research has led to nearly twenty publications in journals including JAMA Dermatology. She maintains proficiency in treating a full range of dermatologic concerns from acne and skin cancer to genetic and rare disorders.

As a leading expert in the field and with nuanced experience in both New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area, her invaluable expertise is highly sought after by patients and colleagues alike. Her goal is to get everyone feeling and looking their very best! 

Dr. Karhade is an award-winning skin doctor and leading expert in treating all kinds of active acne including whiteheads/blackheads, red bumps, and hormonal acne, along with brown spots and all kinds of scars. Her approach is uniquely tailored to her clients' specific situations, however she believes that pairing treatments with a good daily skincare regimen is KEY for achieving best results.

Dr. Kaveri Karhade, Laser, Medical, and Cosmetic Dermatologist San Francisco and Los Altos, CA

Dr Sam Robson  - Temple Medical clinic, aberdeen, UK.

Dr Robson is the Medical Director of Temple Clinic in Aberdeen. She and Temple Clinic have won many awards over the years, most recently the 2020 Society Award for Fitness, Health and Wellbeing Award. Dr Robson is the main creator and CEO of Temple Vie Weight Loss and Lifestyle change programme. Temple Vie exemplifies her commitment to evidence-based medicine and she brings this same approach to managing skin conditions. She is actively involved in the research and development of new technology and concepts to provide safe and effective treatments to her patients.

Over the course of her 28 years of practice, first as a General Practitioner (GP), Dr Robson has become progressively aware of the need to integrate the physical, psychological and social aspects of patient care. This view has been reinforced by her qualifying in 2020 as a Lifestyle Medicine Physician, and lifestyle factors influence her view of many medical conditions. When considering problem skin, for example, the interactive effects of diet, exercise, stress, and social factors are at the forefront of her holistic approach.

Dr Galyna Selezneva - Dr rita rakus clinic, london, UK.

Dr Galyna Selezneva is a qualified psychiatrist and award-winning cosmetic and aesthetic doctor at the Dr Rita Rakus Clinic in London.
Renowned for her experience and expertise in non-surgical body sculpting and beauty and cosmetic treatments, Dr Galyna is one of the UK’s go-to experts of her field, frequently featured in Forbes, Tatler, The Times, The Telegraph, Grazia and Brides Magazine.

Dr Selezneva’s strong commitment to building meaningful relationships with her clients has been founded on her previous experience while she worked as a psychiatrist with patients with severe depression and eating disorders. She quickly recognised and embraced the positive impact of personal care on her patients’ mood and wellbeing.
Dr Selezneva’s clients are invited to a series of follow-up appointments and equipped with her personal phone number to ensure she can support them every step of the way on their transformational journey and they praise her for her highly professional and affable approach to make them feel at ease. 


Jan Birch - blemish clinic, edenfield, UK.

Jan Birch is the Managing Director at Blemish Clinic, Manchester. She is a widely acknowledged authority in the field of Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology and photodynamic therapy thanks to her more than 25 years’ experience in Nursing and Clinical Research. Jan has acquired training from around the world including South Africa, Europe, and the United States, where she had the opportunity to work with top level dermatology experts and contribute to ground breaking clinical papers on OMNILUX LED combination phototherapy for the treatment of acne, non-melanoma skin cancer, periorbital wrinkles – skin rejuvenation, psoriasis, wound healing and pain management. Her research and findings on the use of light therapy for a number of medical skin conditions and photo-rejuvenation have been published in both European and International Medical Journals.

Jan received a Highly Commended Award for Cosmetic Nurse of the Year at the prestigious Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards in 2018. While continuing to make her contributions to clinical research, evaluating content for the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing and managing and performing treatments at her clinic, Jan is committed to use her profile to campaign for safer and more regulated practices in the cosmetic industry. 

Dr Johanna Ward - vitalize skin & wellness clinic, Kent, UK.

Dr Johanna Ward is an award-winning cosmetic Doctor, GP, and Dermatologist. She is the resident skin doctor for Women’s Health Magazine and runs her own dermatology Clinic in Kent. She is a member of the British College of Aesthetics Medicine and the Royal College of General  Practitioners, and is registered with the General Medical Council. Dr Ward has trained with some of the top dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the world, including Dr Zein Obagi and Mauricio de Maoi.

During the 10+ years of her clinical practice, Dr Ward realised that the majority of people didnt know how to properly look after their skin, no matter how motivated they were. Dr Ward believes that skin health starts at the cellular level, so she has devoted her professional career to the science and study of skin health and aging and became a passionate advocate of good skin health.